Productivity Secrets of High Impact Women

Every Monday at 12:00pm Eastern, I and some fellow coaches host a Clubhouse discussion at 12pm Eastern. This past Monday’s topic was Productivity Secrets of High Impact Women.

I created a list of my best productivity practices to provide as a resource to attendees. I thought that you might appreciate the list and so I’m sharing it with you here on Medium.

  • I know my strengths and I stick to what I am great at. The rest is either delegated, automated, or eliminated. This makes my life simpler and much more enjoyable.
  • I’ve learned to be selective about what I say yes to. I say no much more often than I used to (in both my personal and professional lives). When I get a request that requires a time commitment from me, I rarely say yes right away. I practice the pause. If it is clear that the request is a win/win, then I say yes quickly. If I’m not sure, I will ask for a delay in my response so that I can assess whether or not I have the time or desire to commit to the request.
  • I practice the self-care that I need in order to be the best me that I can be. For me, that is getting good sleep, spending self-reflection time in the morning, practicing positive self-talk, and eating nourishing foods.
  • I use deadlines as motivation. I break down the tasks in manageable chunks to complete the project.
  • I practice good listening and observation skills to make sure that I understand what others are communicating.
  • When I am communicating a request to someone, I aim to make it clear and concise. I use my understanding of the other person’s perspective to tailor my communication and the actual request.
  • I gave up the trap of perfectionism. I let some things be “good enough.”
  • I use my emotional intelligence skills to know, manage, and accept myself and to build great relationships. Notes on Emotional intelligence: 1. Emotional intelligence consists of 4 skill sets: self-awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management (people skills). 2. Emotional Intelligence contributes 80–90% of the competencies that distinguish outstanding leaders from average leaders (Goleman 1998). Be an outstanding leader of your life!

I’d love to hear from you! What’s a new productivity habit that you want to establish?

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I write about mindset, emotional intelligence, self-care, productivity, habits, career, and relationship management.

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Elissa Teal Watson

Elissa Teal Watson

I write about mindset, emotional intelligence, self-care, productivity, habits, career, and relationship management.

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